kasahorow Sua,

Ngugi ::: Ntchito

Add "ngugi" ::: "ntchito" in Meru ::: Chewa to your vocabulary.
ngugi ::: ntchito, nom ::: nom
/ngugi/ ::: /-n-tc-h-i-t-o/

Examples of ngugi ::: ntchito

Indefinite article: ngugi ::: ntchito
Definite article: ngugi ::: ntchito
Usage: ngugi irini injega ::: ntchito ndi bwino
Possessives 1
1 ngugi wakwa ::: ntchito zangu
2 ngugi wenu ::: ntchito zanu
3 ngugi wawe ::: ntchito zake (f.)
ngugi wawe ::: ntchito zake (m.)

Meru ::: Chewa Dictionary Series 3

When we do work, we are taking the energy from the food we eat and knowhow from the knowledge we learn, to create something good in the world.

If we don't do work, the food and the knowledge simply accumulate in us. The excess food makes us overweight. The excess knowledge makes us arrogant. Being overweight leads to disease. Being arrogant leads to mistakes. Disease and mistakes are both unhealthy for us.

ngugi ::: ntchito in other languages

  1. What is ngugi ::: ntchito? _____________
  2. Qu'est-ce que ngugi ::: ntchito? _____________
  3. Was ist ngugi ::: ntchito? _____________
  4. Dɛn nye ngugi ::: ntchito? _____________

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